Memories and pictures are the most valuable things you have of your loved ones.
Let me talk to you from my personal experience; I have been a photographer for 17 years now, I knew pictures were important no question about that but I didn't really understand the value of a picture until my dad suddenly passed away on April 2021.

Now more than ever I understand the importance of pictures because they are all I have left of my dad. Pictures and videos that remind me of the beautiful memories I had with him.
Not only that but photography was one of my dad's businesses and he taught me everything I know about photography,  video and running a business. 
I am his legacy and his memory will live on through my work.
This is the reason why I only take on a very limited number of events each season, I take the utmost care of every single event I take on.​​​​​​​
Because I know that 20 or 50 years from now, those pictures might be all you have left and my unique goal when you look at your pictures is for you to feel the joy of having lived those moments with the people you loved the most.
Now that you know why documenting the most important days in your life is so so so super important to me...

Hi! My name is Paloma and I would love to photograph you and your amazing family!
Some facts:
I absolutely love being an aunt! I had no idea I could love someone with my whole heart and soul until my nephews and niece were born.
Coffee is life.
Science fiction is cool (I'm a nerd at heart). "Live long and prosper."
I still ask for LEGO sets on my birthday and Christmas.
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